Caleb Cheong Photography Has Moved….

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WordPress.Com has served Caleb Cheong Photography really well in the last Four years since we started with the images at Le Bernardin.

Caleb Cheong Photography has decided to bring this webpage to new heights. This is the website for all new posts and updates. Contact Information has not changed.



Family Portrait at Hard Rock Hotel Resort World Sentosa….

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Recently, I have been commissioned to do a family portrait of 4 families in addition to the Grandparents. The group of 18 were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel at the Resort World Sentosa Resort in Singapore. What was really amazing was that the duty manager at the hotel allowed us to use the stage where the band normally performs. So I mounted two flashes with light modifiers and did my photography. In Post Production, I applied my usual touches in what I would do for a Fine Art piece and this was what I produced. ENJOY!!!!


Family Heirlooms…

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I had the distinct privilege to work with a Client on some Jewellery Images. These images would be used towards publishing articles focusing on family heirlooms. I felt a great sense of honour and privilege to be able to do this assignment because the designs were done by a very close relative of the client who has passed on. If anyone is interested to know more about the technicalities in how the images were produced, what kind of equipment was used, or how the images were lighted as well as more about family heirloom and the articles that are written about it, you’re more than welcome to email me to inquire. In the meantime, ENJOY!!!

CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_01 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_03 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_05 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_07  CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_11 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_13 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_15 CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_17  CCP_JEWELLERY_290813_09

Architecture Photography Display at ION Orchard…

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A few months back, I went to shoot some images to be entered into Capitaland Photography Competition. I got word this morning that this image which was shot with a Fisheye lens on my full frame DSLR will be displayed at the ION Orchard from the 16th August.


Corporate Portraits For Coach In A Box…

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Coach In A Box is a international consulting firm with a presence in the Asia Pacific to provide coaching services to improve personal and staff performance for their respective organizations.  I had the distinct privilege of being referred to by a good friend of mine to render photography service for a onsite Portrait Studio assignment. The venue for the Portrait Studio Session was held at the Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore . These are the images that each coach had selected for their profile portrait. Enjoy!!!

CCP_CoachInABox_-JosephTay_2 CCP_CoachInABox_JuneGoh_1 CCP_CoachInABox_ RayMartin_1 CCP_CoachInABox_12.-HengTengTeng_4 CCP_CoachInABox_CynthiaChan_7 CCP_CoachInABox_HelenLeeder_3 CCP_CoachInABox_MichaelShell_5 CCP_CoachInABox_MichelleLim_6 CCP_CoachInABox_PoyeeDorrian_6 CCP_CoachInABox_SabrinaPark_5 CCP_CoachInABox_SatokoGibbs_01 CCP_CoachInABox_ ToniButler_2 CCP_CoachInABox_-SallyCashman_2 CCP_CoachInABox_EleanorAlandy_8 CCP_CoachInABox_FeliciaLauw_1 CCP_CoachInABox_LisaTaylor-Forder_6 CCP_CoachInABox_SaraVarela_2 Coach-In-A-Box-Group-Photo

Food Photography @ The Cathay Restaurant

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Last weekend, ClubSnap organized a food photography outing at the Cathay Restaurant. Now y’all know how much I love food and photographing it. You can see my progression from Le Bernardin, The Eiffel Restaurant in Vegas are among some of my earlier attempts, but never have I really delved into photographing the subject. Now I am regretting that I should have made time for the food class as I was allowed to audit it. DARN IT!!! Well, these are my shots from my first attempt and so far from reviews from my peers they seem to be hungry and wish that they could just delve into the screen and eat it. Remember the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Anyway, I shot it with my view camera with my DSLR attached to the back. I’m glad that I did this because I realized that I should have used some things and also should have used certain settings that would have made my images so much better.

Digital View Camera Setup     CathayRestaurant1     CathayRestaurant2


The Big Shot 3

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Back in 2012, I auditioned and got selected to compete in the 2012 season of The Big Shot. The Big Shot is a photography competition that comprises of 8 photographers vying for a cash prize of $20,000 and the title of The Big Shot. In this season, the 8 of us were flown to Yogjarkata, Indonesia to take part in the challenges. A group of judges would pick the winner that has the best image of the challenge. The one with the best image would be the winner of the season.  Well, I was not selected to compete in the finals in the competition but did make it to the final 2 which is challenge 7. These are the images that I captured and selected for each of the challenges.

I Am Alive     CAL_0132     CAL_0284

CAL_2909     CAL_3062     DSC_0286